ASVAB Top 10

Top Ten Reasons Why All Schools Should Offer, and All Students Take, the ASVAB

By Mark Mazarella

With the new school year soon upon us, as a successful recruiter you will need to be able to articulate to both schools and students why they should take advantage of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP).

The average public school guidance counselor in the U.S. has over 400 students he or she is responsible for. Besides an extremely high counselor-to-student ratio and resultant workload, the fact is, these counselors spend most of their day dealing with students’ personal problems, responding to crisis, working out scheduling issues, and performing numerous other “additional duties.”

The bottom line is that students are not getting nearly adequate career planning guidance. Many schools have tried to resolve this shortfall by purchasing commercial, on-line career exploration programs, such as “Career Choices,” “Career Connections,” “Keys to Work,” “Choices,” “Career Cruising,” or “Bridges.” All of these programs cost money, and are for the most part “passive;” they sit as a link on the guidance department’s webpage and are rarely used. The ASVAB-CEP, on the other hand, is not only FREE, but it is a highly interactive program that goes well beyond most commercial products by connecting students’ aptitudes with their interests to help them make informed, realistic career planning decisions.

There are many reasons why the ASVAB is the single best career exploration program available and why every student and school should be using it. Below is a quick list of “sound bites” that can help you articulate the benefits of the ASVAB-CEP to your schools and students:

Benefits to Schools: Under Pennsylvania’s new Academic Standards for Career Exploration and Work, by 8th grade students should begin their individualized career plan and portfolios, which will be developed throughout high school. By 11th grade students should analyze the relationship between career choices and career preparation opportunities such as secondary-education degrees, industry or military training, as well as apply effective skills used in job interviews. The ASVAB-CEP meets these guidelines for grades 10-12. The following “sound bites” will help you articulate the benefits of the ASVAB-CEP to your schools:

“Top 10 Reasons Why Schools Should Offer the ASAVAB”
1. With over 600,000 students testing each year, the ASVAB is one of the most well respected and researched tests.
2. The ASVAB-CEP was developed by leading career planning experts in the country.
3. The ASVAB-CEP combines students’ strengths and interests with com-prehensive cutting-edge career planning resources, including the On-Line Occupational Outlook Handbook, O*NET On-Line, OCCU-FIND, and Military Careers to help students identify postsecondary opportunities that match their own interests, values, talents and abilities.
4. The ASVAB-CEP meets PA Department of Education Standards for Career Exploration and Work.
5. The actual ASVAB test is administered by trained civilian test administrators from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management; during the ASVAB and related activities, active recruiting is strictly prohibited.
6. The ASVAB-CEP is completely free and goes well beyond the typical costly commercial interest inventory-type programs many schools are using.
7. Most students who participate in the ASVAB-CEP do not enter the military:
– 54% of students tested intend to go to 4 year schools
– 8% intend to go to 2 year schools
– 3% intend to go to Vo-Tech schools
– 9% intend to pursue military careers
– 23% (144,137 students) are undecided

8. In addition to the usual verbal and math skills, the ASVAB also tests mechanical comprehension, electronics information, and general science.
9. Students learn about their strengths. They also learn about steps they can take to improve or acquire skills and competencies they are likely to need in a fluid job market.
10. The ASVAB-CEP teaches adolescents career exploration and planning skills that will last a lifetime.

“Top 10 Reasons Students Should Take the ASAVAB”
1. The ASVAB-CEP will help students identify those skill areas that they are naturally “good at.”
2. The ASVAB-CEP can help students discover a job that have never considered before.
3. The ASVAB-CEP can help students identify the type of college that would be a good “fit” for them.
4. The ASVAB-CEP can help students get ready for the PSAT, SAT, or SAT.
5. Using the SAT/ACT concordance tables, the ASVAB-CEP can help predict how well students will do when they do take the SAT (or ACT).
6. Students receive a Career Exploration Workbook, and two years access to the ASVAB Website where they can generate and store their electronic personal career planning portfolio.
7. During the posttest career exploration workshop, students will learn how to access thousands of additional college scholarship opportunities.
8. Unlike the SAT, the ASVAB-CEP is normally taken during regular school hours, so students do not have to miss work, sports, etc.
9. For those students who may be interested in military service, the ASVAB-CEP will determine if they meet aptitude prerequisites, as well as what jobs and incentives they may qualify for.
10. Since ASVAB scores are nationally-normed, students’ scores in each of the topic areas (General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Auto and Shop Information, and Mechanical Comprehension) are provided as both percentiles and standard scores, showing each student where he or she stands compared with over 600,000 other high school students who take the ASVAB each year nationwide.

If you have questions about the ASVAB-CEP or would like assistance with promoting the ASVAB-CEP in your schools, contact the Battalion ESS at: 717-614-2197, or

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Welcome to the United States Army Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion. The “Steel” battalion is a proud organization dedicated to supporting the important mission of recruiting for “America’s Army.” Your assignment as a recruiter in the great state of Pennsylvania will be an extremely challenging and rewarding experience for you, both professionally and personally. With over 200 community-based professionals located in communities throughout Pennsylvania who share the same concerns as do all responsible citizens regarding the future of America’s youth. In particular, we want to help students stay in school, remain drug-free, be physically fit, and realize their potential to become productive members of society.
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