Benefits of Sharing

The Benefits of Sharing Good Ideas/ TTPs and How The Army and USAREC Benefits

By Staff Sgt. Rocky Weaver
Station Commander, Somerset RS

Today’s environment for the Army and recruiting is focused on precision and the saving of few resources that we have as a team. The Army is spread thin and expected to accomplish some of the hardest missions in the history of our free nation. We as Noncommissioned Officers, Station Commanders and Soldiers at times have little to work with but our expected to produce the same results. The sharing of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) and good ideas is a cost and time effected way to achieve the results that are expected from us.

We have unlimited access to the knowledge of others through Pro-net, AKO, word of mouth and many other communication recourses at our finger tips. Systems that are set up like Pro-net can be highly effective when used. Knowledge is only useful when shared and that is the purpose of TTP’s and systems like Pro-net. We as Noncommissioned Officers have a duty to mentor and coach our subordinates and peers. We are only as good as the Soldiers to our left and right and must bring others up to standard or beyond when needed. Good ideas and TTP’s can improve the organization only if shared and used.

Since your first day in the Army you are taught to help Soldiers to your left and right. This is done by the sharing of ideas and knowledge. In return, that Soldier becomes more efficient in his warrior tasked and drills and in a bigger picture, it bettered the Army as a team. That is the overall purpose of TTP’s and sharing of knowledge to better the team and the Soldiers beside you.

Many times in my Army career I did not know the answers to everything, but I always knew that I could find it. Without the sharing of knowledge through TTP’s every Soldier, Station Commander or Noncommissioned Officer would be going through a puzzle that was already solved and possibly in a more efficient way. In today’s Army, we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and limited time in most cases to achieve a positive outcome. TTP’s and sharing of knowledge helps us from making the same mistakes over and over and in some cases those mistakes can be Soldiers’ lives.

Imagine if in theatre we did not have the knowledge of the units and Soldiers that were there before us. If the replacing unit was going there blind without the ideas and TTP’s of the past units before them, the risk-level would be dramatically increased. The risks that are known from experience would not have solutions and many more lives would be put in danger. This is the real reason to have TTP’s and ideals passed along to save lives.

In USAREC, many would say that the stakes are not that high, I would disagree. If what you have learn and gain from a TTP or the sharing of a ideal resulted in one more contract of a medic or filled a fox hole that was instrumental in a Soldier being where he was needed to save a life – the stakes are that high. The signs learned through a TTP or sharing of past experience with signs related to a Soldier taking his life are also valuable knowledge that is gain through the sharing of knowledge. These are a few extreme cases that TTP’s and the sharing of ideas can be valuable in USAREC, but there are many more.

In closing, if we can as an Army better our organization, team and Soldiers with access to TTP’s and good ideals, we must continue to use them on a daily basis. We owe it to ourselves and others to share the knowledge of past experiences. In return, we will be a more efficient and safer Army. A man is only wise if he lets others know of his knowledge and what he has gained from past experiences. In today’s society, we gain much from the sharing of others and will only continue to have success if we do so. As Station Commanders, we must be efficient as possible. TTP’s and sharing of good ideals can only approve us as leaders.

About armystrongpa

Welcome to the United States Army Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion. The “Steel” battalion is a proud organization dedicated to supporting the important mission of recruiting for “America’s Army.” Your assignment as a recruiter in the great state of Pennsylvania will be an extremely challenging and rewarding experience for you, both professionally and personally. With over 200 community-based professionals located in communities throughout Pennsylvania who share the same concerns as do all responsible citizens regarding the future of America’s youth. In particular, we want to help students stay in school, remain drug-free, be physically fit, and realize their potential to become productive members of society.
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