‘Cold Steel’ Battalion ‘Can, Will’ achieve FY11 mission

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command Deputy Commanding General BG Bryan Roberts gives the "Cold Steel" Battalion the motto of "Can and Will"at the BN Annual Training Conference Awards Banquet held Dec. 18 at the Lancaster host Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster, Pa. U.S. Army photo by Christine June.

By Christine June

LANCASTER, Pa. – Beginning with “Glad to be with the strongest metal in Pennsylvania,” U.S. Army Recruiting Command Deputy Commanding General Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts gave the Harrisburg “Cold Steel” Battalion an early Christmas present during his speech Dec. 18 at its Annual Training Conference awards banquet.

With a wrapping of “Stand up ‘Cold Steel,’” the battalion got its first-ever motto  – “Can and Will.”

Introducing this challenge, Roberts said, “You ‘Can and Will’ live up to your expectations and potential in 2011.”

Roberts explained that it will be going to be a big year for “Cold Steel” as it transforms six recruiting companies to Pinnacle (Soldier) and one company from a Pinnacle (Soldier) to a Pinnacle (Civilian).  Modernizing recruiting for the future, Pinnacle takes the entire process that under Legacy recruiting was handled by each recruiter and divides this workload into three teams at each Opportunity Center.

Even with this Pinnacle transformation, the battalion expects to make mission in Fiscal Year 2011.

“No small task, but definitely achievable,” the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Stephen Lockridge said.

Well on its way, the “Cold Steel” battalion had first quarter FY11 Mission Success, exceeding quarterly enlistment goals for Active Duty and Army Reserves.

“If you think about it, we have proven this first quarter that we ‘Can’ do it and with the good team we have in place, we ‘Will’ continue do it and close out the fiscal year with 100 plus percent,” said the State College Recruiting Station Commander Sgt. 1st Class Jason Stouffer, who is this year’s Station Commander of the Year for the Harrisburg Battalion.

The “Cold Steel” Battalion held its ATC Dec. 17 to 19 at the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster, Pa. More than 300 recruiters and Department of Army civilians, and their families attended the awards banquet, which highlighted the battalion’s success in FY2010 by recognizing recruiters and their family members.

“There’s no doubt in my military mind that you are on the right glide-path to transform the entire battalion to pinnacle and accomplish the mission in all categories.” The DCG took a pause before ending with “Cold Steel – Can and Will.”

About armystrongpa

Welcome to the United States Army Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion. The “Steel” battalion is a proud organization dedicated to supporting the important mission of recruiting for “America’s Army.” Your assignment as a recruiter in the great state of Pennsylvania will be an extremely challenging and rewarding experience for you, both professionally and personally. With over 200 community-based professionals located in communities throughout Pennsylvania who share the same concerns as do all responsible citizens regarding the future of America’s youth. In particular, we want to help students stay in school, remain drug-free, be physically fit, and realize their potential to become productive members of society.
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